LEVATUS Boiling It Down | Financial Empowerment: What You Can Do

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LEVATUS discusses the tools that retirees can use for financial empowerment

A lively group at the Weston Council on Aging tackled the topic of achieving financial empowerment during retirement. The workshop, sponsored by the COA’s Community Connections Committee, was led by a team from LEVATUS, a wealth services firm.

“What little thing brings you joy each day?” was the opening question. “Gardening,” “Sitting around the table with my family,” and “Taking walks” were some of the answers. Not your typical introduction to a financial retirement planning session but beginning with meaningful questions is an important step in creating holistic and meaningful financial empowerment.

“Thinking about how to connect your values to your financial plan is a critical first step we take with all of our clients,” said CEO Susan Dahl of Weston.

The workshop helped attendees begin developing a personal mission statement to guide their approach to financial strategy.

“Once you have created that link between your mission and financial goals it becomes clear what the objectives of your investments should be,” said Dahl.

Jessica Grande, Senior Client Advisor, described to the group the importance of creating budget categories that connect your everyday expenditures to your values and mission statement. The takeaways of the day were that simplicity can lead to better emotional and financial outcomes and the financial aspect doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. In the end, enjoying the journey is the point of it all!