LEVATUS Lifestyle | Cheese for Good - One Bead

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One Bead is an exciting Boston non profit focused on the “power of empowering.”

LEVATUS loves being a part of the Boston community and is always excited to find neat ways to support it. OneBead, a local education focused non-profit organization, is elevating "the power of empowering" to a whole new level... a philosophy that is definitely near and dear to our hearts. Empowering young students right here in Boston, their innovative approach to programming takes service-based learning and community impact to a whole new level. A service project is the catalyst for lessons on entrepreneurship, empathy, civic engagement, social emotional awareness, public speaking, and leadership. The take away is self-confidence.

One Bead helps youth in Boston at the very granular level.  From the second grader in East Boston who confidently stood up in front of the class and convinced his peers that gender stereotyping is a problem to a seventh grade class that designed and manufactured water bottles to help solve the negative effects of too many sugary drinks. By starting at a very young age, One Bead hopes to impact these children when it can make the most difference.

An amazing evening with a wonderful community and Eataly Boston's own cheese monger. What could be better!!