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Straightforward solutions.

Our services all have common objectives: to improve outcomes, reduce administrative burdens and create clarity. By doing this, we empower clients.

Susan Dahl and Keith Savard of LEVATUS Wealth Services


Understanding People

At the core of truly understanding our clients is a unique, in-depth mission statement development process. This is followed by a rigorous, analytical risk tolerance assessment, a thoughtful review of existing holdings and a comprehensive assessment of tax and estate status.

Jessica Grande, Liz Darling, Isabel Saltzman and Susan Dahl of LEVATUS Wealth Services.


Clarity and Simplicity

Comprehensive risk management is overlaid on a straightforward approach to investment decision making. Each investment has one of two jobs, growth or safety. The investment process is direct and specific, focusing on variables that give insight into an assets ability to successfully do it’s job in the portfolio.

Liz Darling, Isabel Saltzman and Jessica Grande of LEVATUS Wealth Services


Fully Comprehensive

Single point of contact financial coordination and full administrative support allow our clients to have more time to focus on the things they love. All services, from investing to reporting, are structured to create clarity and purpose, as is our flat fee.