Medium | One step closer…TEDx BeaconStreet Class of 2017 brings their best pitch!

TEDx speaker sessions 7 (002).jpg

Medium showcases the Fall 2017 TEDx BeaconStreet speakers, including LEVATUS' CEO Susan Dahl.

Medium attended one of the pitch sessions where speakers and organizers gathered to hear the ideas that will develop into TEDxBeaconStreet talks this fall. All of the speakers brought their friends, their family, their colleagues, and their best moonshot ideas. One of the speakers was LEVATUS' CEO, Susan Dahl.

Susan's topic for discussion centered around her belief that the finance industry is missing the point about how we manage people’s money. The formula built for institutions is being applied to individuals, but is that what really makes people happy? What’s the point, and how can we solve for it?

The article highlights a number of speakers and their fascinating topics. To learn more about the TEDxBeaconStreet preparation process, check out Medium's article, Immersed in Innovation, where they discuss about some of the great groups of mentors that help the speakers put ideas in action.