EconoTimes | LEVATUS Wealth Services Embraces a Different Approach

EconoTimes features Susan Dahl and LEVATUS' belief that it’s time for a new approach to investing.

EconoTimes features Susan Dahl and LEVATUS' belief that the traditional, cookie-cutter approach to wealth management is not the only way - there is another that delivers a more purposeful, transparent and joyful financial journey.

“It’s time for a new approach to investing, Dahl said. “Complex diversification strategies are proving negative to investors. The goal of LEVATUS is to create investment processes that structure portfolios to succeed and to reduce anxiety, not create it.”

One of Dahl’s goals is to help people truly understand their risk tolerance. While risk tolerance is a typical question that most financial advisors ask their clients, there is little thought on how to interpret those results.

LEVATUS (Latin) means to raise up, uplift and elevate with joy. The focus of the last two letters “US” denotes the close partnership the LEVATUS team has with its clients and the logo consists of bright orange and yellow intertwining pieces about to take flight.