Liz Darling of LEVATUS Wealth Services

Liz Darling 

Senior Client Advisor 

Direct: 617. 505. 4714

Liz developed a passion for real estate early on in her career. Through her various roles in that industry she has honed significant portfolio and analytical experience. She is highly regarded for her leadership and management within community non-profit pursuits as well.  In her more recent role as Senior Client Advisor at LEVATUS, Liz has leveraged both her BS in Hospitality Management from Cornell University and MBA from Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth University) to develop and an exceptional reputation for client care and broad portfolio strategy.

Liz is a founding member of LEVATUS, a woman-founded firm with offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Coming from an institutional background, Liz’s favorite part of her day now is interacting with her clients on the little things that she can do to make their lives and their financial situation simpler and clearer.  Sometimes it is the little things that can have the biggest impact!  As a female advisor, Liz enjoys working with clients from varying age and demographic backgrounds and has a concentration of single female clients with whom she has made strong connections.

Liz enjoys giving back to the community and in addition to her philanthropic work has given free public talks with her colleagues on topics such as children and wealth and financial empowerment during retirement. She also has harkened back to her early real estate roots in publishing articles on concentrated real estate holdings and opportunity zones.


Little thing that makes her laugh: 

"My kids trying to tell me jokes...the delivery is priceless."