Weston Town Crier | Female Executive Joins Board of Innovative Education Non-Profit

Susan Dahl has joined the Board of Directors at local nonprofit One Bead.

Susan Dahl has joined the Board of Directors at local nonprofit One Bead.

“I am honored to be a part of an organization with such energy and purpose,” she said. “One Bead’s deep understanding of ‘the power of empowering’ has allowed them to build an amazing program. They are changing lives and having a profoundly positive impact on the Boston community.”

One Bead is a nonprofit organization that uses philanthropy as a platform for social and emotional development in children under the age of 14. The organization helps students believe in themselves by providing mentorship, education and access to new opportunities through leadership programming. Students spend the majority of the program designing Action Plans describing how they would use $1,000 to make a difference locally. Two-thirds of the way through programming, students pitch their ideas to peers. The group votes to select the winning idea and the entire class comes together to see that Action Plan through into fruition.

One Bead is on track to double the size of its staff and is hoping to continue to expand its Board of Directors, building upon the strong foundation set by six woman who have been instrumental in One Bead’s success to date. The board is looking for leaders in the Greater Boston area who are successful professionals interested in joining a team of dedicated change-makers. To learn more visit onebead.org.

Jessica Grande